Bride demands sister give her wedding dress she never wore – as her fiancé died


When it comes to siblings, sometimes the family dynamics can get a bit awkward and uncomfortable when one wants what the other has.

One woman has learned this the hard way after finding herself in a difficult position with her sister over a wedding dress – and she claims her mum has taken her sister’s side.

The unnamed woman from the US took to Reddit to explain her story, asking if she was in the wrong for not wanting to give her unused wedding dress to her sister.

In her post on the Am I The A**hole forum, the woman claimed she was supposed to get married back in August 2021, but her fiancé tragically died in a car accident the month before the big day.

Still grieving his loss, the woman moved back in with her parents and has kept her wedding dress, despite never wearing it, as it holds great sentimental value.

Writing on Reddit, she shared how her sister is now due to get married later this year and is struggling with the cost of it all.

As such she’s asked her sibling if she can have the wedding dress that she never got to wear, to help with costs.

“I was shocked by her request but didn’t react intensely I just politely declined,” the post reads.

“She and mom started talking about financial struggles and how I have the potential to help but I refuse to and being negative. I explained to them how this dress has personal attachment and value after they said the wedding didn’t happen anyway and I didn’t get to make memories in it which was hard to hear.

“An argument ensued and my sister called me selfish and unsupportive, mom still sided with her and said I was wrong and that this dress will only stay hanging in the closet if I don’t ‘do something’ with it since my fiancé isn’t coming back and ‘I refuse’ to move on even though it hasn’t even been that long.”

She goes on to say that her dad is on her side of the argument, however, she’s not sure if she’s doing the right thing by standing her ground.

“I started feeling like maybe I’m not being helpful seeing my sister struggling and needing help. Mom said this might make or break our relationship for the years to come especially when I don’t have many people around me after this loss.

“Am the a**holefor refusing to let her have it? By the way the dress cost me $2200 that I’d saved up on my own. They claim I’m refusing because of its price and even went as far as to say that I must be planning on selling it or expect them to pay for it.”

More than 1,000 people responded to the post, with many agreeing the bride-to-be was in the wrong, not the woman who owns the dress.

One person said: “Jesus tap-dancing Christ. Entitled mother and sister there. I can’t say anything that won’t get me into trouble on here. So will just reiterate you are NTA. Stick with dad, let mommy dearest and sister deal with sis wedding dress problems without you. It has been less than a year. I can’t.”

Another replied: “They basically gave you an ultimatum of the dress or them not even a year after losing your fiance! They absolutely won’t be stopped by your ‘no’ and steal it! You should try to hide it at a friend’s house until the wedding is over. Maybe even sometime longer.”

A third added: “In my opinion, the woman is very close to being a widow, although she is ‘technically’ not a widow. In her heart and in her mind she was already married, the formalities of the wedding simply needed to be done – i.e. the wedding.

“Also, she DID create memories with her wedding dress: memories of going shopping for it, being excited to marry the love of her life, envisioning herself in it on her wedding day – those are ALL memories. Your mother and sister are so entitled.”