Mum makes her own butter for just 36p after supermarket prices skyrocket


For many, butter is an everyday essential item to have in the fridge – whether you slather it on toast in the morning, use it when packing the kid’s sandwiches for lunch, or add it to a pan to cook dinner with.

But as with everything else at the moment, the cost of some butter products are skyrocketing in the supermarket.

One mum recently decided to have a go at making her own, after spotting Lurpak branded butter in her local shop for £5.

Instead of paying through the roof, Jo Rourke, from Manchester, opted to DIY butter, using a tub of whipping cream she got in Tesco reduced from £1.20 to just 36p.

She then shared her method on TikTok, showing how you too can whip up your own version of butter in just 10 minutes and all it takes is some whipping cream, salt and a jar.

The 40-year-old filmed herself pouring the whipping cream halfway into a mason jar before popping the lid back on and giving it a good shake for a couple of minutes.

She took a look at the texture of the cream before adding some salt and then continuing to shake until she’d been doing so for about 10 minutes in total.

Posting under @thismumcooks, Jo shared a look at the results and declared her method made “absolutely delicious” butter.

“Real butter is astronomically expensive and it seems to be going up by the second,” she explained.

“I was browsing the reduced section the other day and noticed there was a really reduced price pot of cream and I did not want to leave it behind.

“I am not a big fan of cream but had heard about turning it into butter.

“I’ve never made it before but thought why not give it a go, and it would be something good to teach the kids.”

She continued: “It first turned into whipped cream but then after a few more minutes you could see the buttermilk coming away from the cream and then the butter started to form.

“It is a crazy process really. It was tiring and I had to stop occasionally, but a great workout.

“It tasted absolutely delicious, really creamy, this time we just added some salt to it but next time I would try adding herbs or garlic.”

Jo’s video has since been viewed over 87,000 times and racked up 3,350 likes.

One viewer said: “This is so simple! Definitely trying this!”

Another person joked: “Shhhhhhhhh! They’ll increase the price of cream next!”

A third user added: “I’ve been doing this for months now. It’s so much cheaper than buying butter and the freezer is always stocked with scones from the buttermilk.”

“BRB off to get cream to try this as you’re spot on about the prices going up,” added someone else.

But a different sceptical TikTok user commented: “Cheaper to just buy actual butter given the time you spend,” which prompted Jo to respond with: “10 mins shaking and 36p. You can’t buy it for that!!”