Best single mum pals living the dream after moving in together to raise their kids


A pair of close best friends have decided to raise their children as one unit, living under the same roof, and say they “wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Best pals Samantha Best and Lauren Robinson say their kids love their unconventional set-up, with their blended household having “so much fun every day”.

Videos uploaded to TikTok offer an insight into life in the combined family, showing their kids playing happily in the garden together and falling asleep in bunk beds, just as though they were siblings.

Many have praised the idea as “genius”, with a number of people wondering why this sort of happy, supportive living situation isn’t considered more often.

In a TikTok video which has been viewed more than 3. 8 million views times, Samantha, who goes by the username @samanthaleighbestt, addressed the question of what it was like to live with your best mate as two single mums, writing, “who wouldn’t want this?”

A number of people have been inspired by the “genius”, and also very practical, idea, which various commenters believe to be “honestly the dream” and the “ideal living situation.”

One person wrote: “More single parents should defo do this! would tackle loneliness and stress of bills and make it a bit easier.”

Another said: “Absolutely love this. I wish I had a friend I could have done this with when I was a single mum.”

Others have shared their own experiences of living in unconventional, loving households, with one commenter opening up about raising her children alongside her mum’s younger kids.

A third person commented: “An old co-worker of mine lived with and co-parented with her best friend when they were both single mums. they had a better partnership than most”

A fourth approved: “This is how I grew up! My mum and my dad’s sister raised my cousin and me together in the same house! It was magic!”

As for Lauren and Samantha, both from New Zealand, this was the “best decision” they’ve ever made, allowing them to support each other as young mums, and enjoy “dance parties every day.”