Bus passenger experiences ‘worst nightmare’ after falling asleep and getting locked in


Many of us have accidentally fallen asleep at one point or another while riding public transport, especially after a long day at work.

However, one passenger will likely be taking a coffee with them on their next bus journey, after waking up in what many people have described as their “worst nightmare.”

The unnamed passenger drifted off as the bus was rumbling along, and awoke alone and in darkness, the bus driver nowhere to be seen. Worst of all, the vehicle was locked, leaving them trapped inside.

Panicked, the sleepy individual began looking about for ways to escape from their accidental prison, turning to Reddit for help.

The anonymous person, who is believed to live in Aberdeen, Scotland, reached out for help under the username u/SignatureLabel, sharing a shudder-inducing pic from inside the deserted bus.

They wrote: “Fell asleep on the bus, woke up and no bus driver. Does anyone know how to open a bus from the inside?”

Many couldn’t help but feel a little amused about their frustrating predicament, with one person joking, “You live here now.”

Another said: “This is actually how new bus drivers are selected. You were meant to start driving the bus.”

Although many people just couldn’t believe the bus driver would just simply leave without checking the vehicle properly first, a number of others have found themselves in similar situations.

One person recalled how a friend had once spent the night at Inverness bus station, while another remembered how their driver had skipped the rest of the route entirely, taking them all the way to the depot.

Thankfully, the remorseful napper did get some tips along with the jokes and tales of nightmarish bus journeys, with many advising them to look out for a button above the door, and has since managed to make their escape.