Apple iPhones Continue To Be The Most Popular Smartphone In The World


Apple is a trillion-dollar company and most of its success can be attributed to the popularity of iPhones across the world. And even today, the company can stake itself on being the top boss in the market, especially when it has 5 iPhone models in the top 10 smartphones sold.

According to a new report by Counterpoint Research, iPhone 13 is the most popular smartphone with a market share of 5.5 per cent globally. The second-highest share goes to another iPhone, this time it is the iPhone 13 Pro Max which had a 3.5 per cent share. These figures have been compiled for up to April 2022.

The third and fourth place went to the iPhone 13 Pro and the older iPhone 12 model. The first Android smartphone to feature on this list belongs to Samsung, which has the Galaxy S22 Ultra in the fifth spot. The first Galaxy S series phone to get S Pen support replaces the Galaxy Note lineup to become the de-facto flagship model for the company.

And the numbers suggest the South Korean brand and its decision to streamline its lineup has worked to a good effect. Samsung now holds the laurel for having the most popular Android smartphone in the market.

Most of the places are occupied by Apple and Samsung, and you have to go down all the way to the tenth place to find a Chinese brand on the list, which is the Redmi Note 11 LTE model from Xiaomi. Apple somehow found more buyers for the iPhone SE 2022 than the Xiaomi mid-range smartphone during this period.

I mean, this is the same iPhone model that was heavily criticised and ridiculed for its aged design and lack of multiple cameras. But the consumers clearly have found a liking to this iPhone model, and the numbers speak for themselves. The list also shows us that brands like Oppo, OnePlus and Google have a lot of work to do before they become as popular with buyers as these two tech giants are around the world.